Arthur Marshall: September 1918-August 2011

Arthur Marshall: September 1918-August 2011

Arthur Marshall was born at Concord on September 7, 1918, the third child and only son of Leslie George and Lily Viola Marshall. Arthur, with his family, moved to Eastwood in 1927. He was closely involved with the Eastwood Methodist Church, particularly the Christian Endeavour movement.

War Service

At the time of the Munich crisis in 1938, Arthur joined the militia as a sapper in the engineers. In May 1940, Arthur enlisted for overseas service with the Second AIF. He Joined the 2/5 field regiment using 25 pounder field artillery. On October 19, 1940, Arthur left for the Middle East sailing fromSydneyon the Queen Mary. During his six years of active service Arthur was involved in stern conflict in Syria, Milne Bay and Balikpapan(Borneo). He was discharged on November 27, 1945. Arthur returned to civilian life and resumed his church life at Eastwood Methodist Church. It was a busy active happy life.

Missionary Service

In 1952 after attending Alan Walker “Missionto the Nation” meetings God’s clear call came to Arthur and he immediately sought an appointment to a mission field in an administrative capacity. Somewhat unexpectedly he was appointed as the business manager for the North Australian Methodist Mission district, located in Darwin. In April 1955 Lydia Tasker arrived in Darwinto act as Arthur’s secretary. In April 1956 Arthur and Lydiawere engaged and married at EastwoodMethodistChurchon 12th January 1957. They then returned to Darwin for another three year’s service. The heavy workload affected Arthur’s health and in November 1961 Arthur and Lydia and their two boys, Peter and John, left Darwin.

At the annual Synod of the North Australia District held at Elcho Island on July 27, 1961, a resolution was passed which included these words about Arthur’s service:

Mr Marshall has never spared himself in carrying out a wide range of duties. His contribution to the spiritual work has been considerable and his help and guidance in committees and Synod has been alert and wise. Not only will he be missed within our district but also at the Darwin Uniting Church where he was made an outstanding contribution; his departure will be a severe loss. Mrs Marshall firstly at the office secretary and later in her married capacity has rendered valuable service.

Working with the Methodist Church in NSW

Arthur accepted an appointment as assistant director of central Methodist mission, Dalmar Children’s Home, located at Carlingford. He held this position for over three years. In 1965 Arthur commenced work with the Methodist department of Christian education as accountant. In January 1967 Arthur was offered the role of accountant with the newly formed Methodist department of administration with the Rev. Winston O’Reilly as Connectional Secretary, the Rev. Roy Glover as Property Secretary and Arthur as Accountant (later appointed as Assistant Property Secretary). Arthur resigned from the Department of Administration in June 1975 to return to his great love mission work. He accepted an appointment as Assistant General Secretary to the Board of Overseas Mission within the Methodist Church. Now ensued 15 years of work and travel. Arthur’s full time employment as a senior lay officer in the Methodist and Uniting Churches for 28 years was coming to a close and he “retired” in February 1982. Arthur Marshall made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Methodist and Uniting Churches at both a local, Synod and conference/Assembly level.

In his busy retirement Arthur continued to serve the UnitingC hurchand in particular the churches of the pacific (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea), regularly travelling to these churches to perform work as business manager, auditor accountant and above all as a mentor and counsellor.

We have not mentioned Arthur’s strong commitment to his local church, firstly at Eastwood in his earlier years and later at Beecroft. He andLydiaparticularly were “Parents in God” to many young people who today in their own busy adult lives remember Arthur andLydiawith deep and warm affection.

Arthur Marshall a saint of God, a dear and treasured friend and wise counsellor to many friends across Australia and the Pacific. Arthur is survived by his two sons, Peter and John, and his dearly loved granddaughter Elle.

“He was a good man sent by God to do us good.”

Roy Glover


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4 thoughts on “Arthur Marshall: September 1918-August 2011”

  1. Alan and Robyn Bradley

    Thank you Roy. A fiting tribute to Arthur.
    Arthur and Lydia were indeed both saints of God, dear and treasured friends and wise counsellors.
    We give thanks to God for them both and the friendsip we shared for over 40 years.

  2. Margaret & Neil Gibbs

    Thank you Roy for such a fitting tribute, if only there was room to tell the million stories of Arthur and then the many more of he and Lydia too, but we can treasure them in our hearts.
    We give thanks for their lives, for their devotion to our Lord, the service they gave so willingly and their love of others.

  3. I met Arthur Marshall through the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga where he was the Honorary auditor for 17 years. He was very highly regarded, even revered by the FWC. He was kind enough to lend me his audit notes when I was the Auditor starting in 1994 (and finishing in 2004). The comprehensive notes were invaluable and contained an amazing amount of history. I returned them to his home and do not know what became of them, but if anyone knows,I’d be most grateful to hear from you. my e-mail

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