Emu Music

This CD is a collection of new songs for the Advent worship season. All have been written between 2008 and 2012 (songwriters include Mike Begbie, Nicky Chiswell, Greg Cooper, Trevor Hodge and Simone Richardson).

Songs are not based on specific gospel writings but rather an across-the-board understanding of the Advent story. They mostly present different aspects of the same theme.

I am not of an age that responds to this type of music and younger listeners may be quite happy with what is presented — which to me sounded repetitive.

The CD would make a very handy resource for a music group and/or singers over several Advent worship seasons, especially if the compilers made the written music available.

The poetry of the songs is very well written and the vocals are well performed and clear.

Despite the strictures — repetitive devices (repeats and endings); I didn’t find the music itself very inspiring — this is an easy-listening CD. The words of the songs bring new insight to an age-old theme and this would be a welcome addition to Advent worship music.

Lyn Housen


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