A new way to experience Holy week

A new way to experience Holy week

Throughout the past two weeks a collection of lay and ordained people from across the Uniting Church in NSW, decided that we would share talents and creativity to piece together a patchwork of stations of the cross in order to resource communities, and our own communities with an experience through video and audio.

All of the people involved have found this time particularly challenging, in pulling their communities together, and building resilience within the new phase of physical distancing. We recognised that we are better working together, and sharing this resource would help us resource our congregations, but also those congregations who are grappling with technology and resources throughout this time. 

We hope that in sharing the story, in this way from across our diversity of spaces, theologies, gifts and abilities, we might be able to provide the opportunity for others to take part in the journey.

A journey through the Stations of the Cross for Holy Week

Particularly during Holy Week, where we are used to coming together and experiencing Holy Week. This film was brought together by the talents of Rev. Radhika Sukumar-White, Rev. Adrian Sukumar-White, Rev. Vini Ravetali, Rev. Chris Goringe, Rev. Danielle Hemsworth Smith, Rev. Liam Miller, Rev. Tammy Hollands, Pastor Richard La’Brooy, Rev. Christine Palmer, Rev. Rebecca Lindsay, Rev. Ellie Elia, Rev. Amanda Hay, David Hay, Rev. Jan Reeve, Dan Reeve, and Rev. Patty Laurence, and myself, Rev. James Aaron. 

We are currently working on further joint projects for Easter as I am writing this, I am patching together another video clip for our Easter services.

This experience has shown me that in working together and across technology in a way that we haven’t really adapted to before this, is a sharing in our creativity and a sharing in our resources. It reminds me that across the church is a broad and wonderful offering.

I look forward to experiencing Holy Week in a new way this year, and hope that this resources others to experience Holy Week in this way. 

Rev. James Aaron is the Minister at North Ryde Community Uniting Church


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