A great way to start the year

A great way to start the year

A little Tawny Frogmouth chick was found on the ground at the base of a large tree in Clarence by a member of public on Boxing Day. Its eyes were closed and it was lethargic so they immediately called WIRES. Local volunteer Tracey arrived and took it to avian carer and Uniting Church Minister, Rev. Leigh Gardiner. 

At the first opportunity after the public holidays Rev. Gardiner took it to be vet checked and x-rayed in case it was injured when it hit the ground.

The lucky little Tawny was given the all clear and after a couple of days of observation WIRES put the call out for an arborist to please assist with returning it to the nest which was just visible high up in the tree.

Local Blue Mountains arborist Mike Daws from Abor Vision Consulting kindly offered his services at no charge and he gently roped his way up to the nest to find another chick in the nest staring back at him. He carefully placed the rescued chick alongside its sibling and everyone crossed their fingers for a successful reunion.

The following day the member of public sent WIRES a photo of mum back on the nest – a great way to start to the year!

The following Wednesday, 4 December, the same members of public who are monitoring the chicks found one on the ground again and we went through the whole process with Mike Daws again kindly reuniting the chicks. It is suspected the strong winds may have caused it but the good news is both continued to do well with the member of public monitoring daily and updating Rev. Gardiner until they fledged.  A wonderful outcome indeed. 

Rev. Leigh Gardiner


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