5 Creative ways to tell your story

5 Creative ways to tell your story

Hannah Boland is a comedian and Christian with a knack of calling it like it is. She tells her story with her unique brand of observational humour in comedy tours around the state. Here she shares with us some creative ways we can tell our own stories…

One of the biggest thrills of being a performer is being able to share your story with an audience in whatever manner you wish. But not everybody has (or wants) a literal platform to tell their story from, and finding ways to share your message in everyday life can be a challenge (unless you can sum it up in a meme!).

Here are some creative ways to share your story in an everyday setting.

1. Select a Unique Image

Use a photo or image of somewhere/something that is significant to your story. Hang it in your home, load it as your social media banner or put it on your desk at work. It’s bound to get people asking questions, allowing you to share when they do.

2. Throw a Party

Parties provide great opportunities to share your life with others. Everything from the invitations to the theme, food and music can be used to share something of yourself—including your hospitality. If you want to give a speech, do it before the sweets. Nothing holds an audience captive better than the promise of dessert!

3. Self-publish a Book

Okay, I know this sounds like an overwhelming or unachievable goal for most people, but with so many excellent platforms available online, self-publishing for either digital or print media has never been easier. I’ve seen two-finger-typing grannies who sign off emails with ‘LOL’ come away from self-publishing sites with books that look store worthy.  Your book doesn’t have to be long or especially clever, but a book is a beautiful way to share your story with family and friends. It’s also a little piece of history that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

4. Open Pandora’s Box

My sister once went to a girls’ night where they made keychains and bracelets from a selection of themed beads. Each bead was carefully chosen to represent something significant in that person’s life. When each piece was finished, everyone shared the meaning behind their selections. It continued to be a great conversation starter as they wore their creations in everyday life.

5. Write a Song

Go on, you know you’ve always wanted to! Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, write a rhyming piece of poetry and ask a musical friend to set it to some music for you. Write four-line verses, rhyming the final words of line one with three, and two with four. If you follow this pattern and cover a substantial theme, you will be well ahead of at least 60% of the music that populates most commercial radio! Take the time to record it nicely, and if you can’t sing—ask a friend! Social media is an excellent place to share a video like this, and I can guarantee that if you aren’t the sort of person to typically undertake this type of project, every single person you’re connected with will watch it.


Hannah Boland is a Christian comedian and author. She will be giving a keynote speech and performing at Synod 2017.

Have you got a story that you would like to share with us, creative or otherwise? If so send it through to us by emailing it to contactus@nswact.uca.org.au


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