36 Years of Pudding In the Effort

36 Years of Pudding In the Effort

For Campbelltown Uniting Church, the proof of the pudding has been established for more than three decades.

Since 1982, the church has sold the traditional Christmas desserts, raising money for worthy causes.

This year, proceeds from the puddings fund Frontier Services’ ministry in rural areas. Campbelltown Uniting Church has prepared more than 1200 puddings for the sale, using the church’s kitchen.

Project co-ordinator Michael Plummer recently told local newspaper The Macarthur Advertiser that the church has been using the same recipe during this time.

“I think people enjoy the quality of our dry fruit and we use a nice, high quality brandy, ” he said.

“When the dry fruit and brandy are fermenting together, they build nice aromas and the smell is beautiful.

“It gives the puddings a traditional Christmas feel.”

“I think people love the pudding’s traditional flavour, or maybe it’s because funds raised go back into the community,” he said.

The puddings are from Tuesday, 20 November at Campbelltown Uniting Church.

They will be on sale each week from Tuesday to Friday until all puddings are sold.

The puddings will also go sale at Macarthur Square from 29 November until mid-December.

Adamstown Uniting Church has a similar annual fundraiser through its pudding kitchen.

Puddings cost $15 for 500 grams, $25 for 1kg, or $35 for 1.5kg.

Puddings can be ordered over the phone, by contacting Cambelltown Uniting Church on (02)4625 0783.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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