10 Fake Christian Movies We Just Might Like to See

10 Fake Christian Movies We Just Might Like to See

ChatGPT is exploding, so we decided to ask it to suggest 10 new Christian movies, with synopses and actors attached.

The results are, like Christian movies themselves, of varying quality and vary from cringeworthy to not-so-bad. But you be the judge. Which ones would you want to see on the big screen?

Grace Unbound

A young woman, played by Jennifer Lawrence, faces a life-altering tragedy that challenges her faith. As she navigates grief, she discovers unexpected sources of grace that lead her on a path of healing and spiritual renewal.

The Carpenter’s Legacy

Starring Chris Pratt, this film tells the story of a modern carpenter who, inspired by his grandfather’s teachings, embarks on a mission to help those in need. Through his woodworking skills, he builds more than just furniture; he constructs hope and community.

Unbroken Faith

Based on a true story, this film follows a persecuted Christian in a hostile foreign land, portrayed by Jessica Chastain. Her unwavering faith and courage inspire others to stand strong against adversity.

The Hymn of Grace

In this musical drama, Zac Efron stars as a talented musician who rediscovers his faith and purpose when he joins a church choir. Through the power of music and community, he finds redemption and a new love for life.

Hearts of Hope

This heartwarming family film follows a compassionate couple, played by Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams, as they adopt a group of children from diverse backgrounds. Together, they learn about love, unity, and the true meaning of family.

A Light in the Storm

Featuring Viola Davis, this historical drama tells the story of a courageous African American woman who, during the Civil Rights Movement, opens her home to shelter those seeking refuge from racial violence. Her unwavering faith guides her through the darkest of times.

Walking on Water

A young surfer, portrayed by Timothy Chalamet, faces a life-changing accident that leaves him paralyzed. With the help of his faith and a dedicated physical therapist, he learns to walk again, discovering the miracles that faith can bring.

Mission of Mercy

This inspirational film, starring Emily Blunt, follows a dedicated nurse who travels to a war-torn country to provide medical aid. Amidst the chaos of conflict, she finds her faith tested and deepened as she serves those in need.

The Prodigal’s Return

Chris Hemsworth plays a wayward son who, after years of rebellion, returns to his father’s loving embrace. Through his journey of redemption and forgiveness, he learns the value of unconditional love and grace.

Mending Fences

In this faith-based romantic drama, Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon play two estranged childhood friends who reconnect in their hometown. As they rediscover their shared faith and values, they find healing and a deeper connection.

To be honest, some of the films above might just work.


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