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The Moderator’s response to recent racist incidents toward Jewish people

on 02 Sep 2014 by

STATEMENT BY THE MODERATOR OF THE UNITING CHURCH SYNOD OF NSW AND THE ACT IN RESPONSE TO RECENT INCIDENTS OF RACISM TOWARDS JEWISH PEOPLE IN SYDNEY The Uniting Church Synod of NSW/ACT affirms the great value of the Australian multicultural community, and the right for every person and cultural group to abide safely and harmoniously [...]


Increasing taxes is not a second best option

on 25 Aug 2014 by

“Tax levels should be part of any discussion about getting Australia’s budget into healthier shape”, said Lin Hatfield Dodds, National Director of UnitingCare Australia. “Both income and spending need to be considered when it comes to getting Australia’s national accounts into the black. While the focus of public discussions of the past few months has [...]


The Uniting Church in Australia Celebrates Ministry of Aunty Dorrie at Coraki

on 21 Aug 2014 by

A ‘Closure of Ministry Service’ of Rev. Dorothy Harris-Gordon (Aunty Dorrie) will be held in Coraki on Sunday 24 August to commemorate and celebrate ministry of Aunty Dorrie. She is a widow of the Rev Charles Harris who is the Co-founder of Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress. The Service will commence at 2.00 pm at [...]


Calling the Christian community in Australia to pray for peace in Gaza

on 07 Aug 2014 by

A long lasting end to the hostilities in the Gaza Strip on the basis of an effective, permanent peace in all of Palestine and Israel is sought to end the injustice and effect peace in the region. Churches can join in prayer for that peace. Two prayers written by Palestinian Christians are below and are [...]


No place for bigotry in modern Australia

on 06 Aug 2014 by

Sydney Alliance and its leadership today gathered to commend the Federal Government’s  decision not to proceed with the repeal of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) after a concerted campaign to save legal protections in the RDA. It was the strong, organised relationships across civil society – assisted and supported by the network [...]


College students awarded for excellence!

on 30 Jul 2014 by

On Thursday 24  July, 13 of the students at United Theological College were awarded a CSU Dean’s Award for Excellence in their Theology programs during 2013. Dean’s awards for academic excellence were presented to Bridget Ocean, Claire Wright, Tammy Hollands, Adrian Sukumar White, Radhika Sukumar White, Grahame Rosolen, Christine Palmer, Robert Griffith, Grant Atkins, Thomas Drake-Brockman, [...]


Productivity Commission right to focus funds on greatest need

on 22 Jul 2014 by

UnitingCare Australia is pleased to see priority going to where need is greatest in the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Early Childhood Care and Learning. “Introducing a simple funding system in which subsidies are means-tested and based on the cost of providing a service rather than chasing fees charged is a positive direction for the [...]


NAIDOC Family Day a success

on 17 Jul 2014 by

NSW Congress was invited by Rev Chris Budden for the second time around  to hold a stall at the Eastlakes NAIDOC Family Day event  at Pelican Foreshore on the 11th of July, Friday. We were one of approximately 17 stalls. Congress merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs and lanyards were sold and we were [...]


New church discipline regulations offer help to deal with unwelcome behaviour

on 10 Jul 2014 by

The purpose of pastoral discipline is to help every member of the church to grow to be a mature and Christ-filled disciple within the fellowship of a strong and vigorous congregation (Ian Tanner) At its most recent meeting, the Assembly of the UCA made changes to section 5.2 of the Regulations (‘Pastoral Care of Members’) [...]


NAIDOC WEEK, 6-13 July

on 03 Jul 2014 by

NAIDOC Week  is  held  every  year  as  an  opportunity  for  us  all, Aboriginal  and non-aboriginal, to  celebrate the First Peoples of Australia. There are  many  resources  available  on  both  the  Assembly  and  the  NAIDOC websites www.assembly.uca.org.au  and www.naidoc.org.au to use to celebrate this week in your churches. Let  us  each  make  this  week  a  time  [...]