Your house and the clean energy transition 

Your house and the clean energy transition 

The Uniting Climate Action Network will run a free webinar: Electrify Everything- Moving Australia to a renewable future, on Tuesday 21 November. 

In thinking about reducing our national emissions it’s easy to assume that government and industry control all the biggest levers for change. But did you know around 70 percent of Australia’s domestic emissions come from decisions made in households and small businesses – how we get around, how we cook, how we heat our homes and premises and produce hot water.  

This webinar showcases the Electrify 2515 initiative. Electrify 2515 is a project of Rewiring Australia, a movement that encourages everyday people to electrify their homes and businesses with renewable energy, as a powerful way to transition to a sustainable future.  

Rewiring Australia was founded by scientist, inventor and author Dr Saul Griffiths. Dr Griffiths previously worked in the US with major companies and government agencies, like NASA, on widespread electrification to tackle climate change, create jobs, and leave a better world for our children. 

He delivered a Tedx Talk on the subject in Sydney: 101 million machines away from a zero emission Australia.  

Electrifying our homes is not just an effective way to reduce emissions, it also reduces energy costs. Conventional fuels like gas and petrol are both polluting and expensive. While there are up-front costs, by replacing space and hot water heaters, cook tops and cars with efficient electric versions, the average household stands to save $3000-$5000 a year in energy bills. 

Electrify 2515 aims to show how this is all possible at a local level by creating one of Australia’s first all-electric communities – in Austinmer near Wollongong, postcode 2515.  

You can register for the Electrify Everything webinar here.  

This webinar is part of the Living the Change series of information forums. Living the Change explores ways individuals and households can reduce their own carbon footprint and care for the environment as part of faith and life. 

Electrify Everything- Moving Australia to a renewable future, takes place on Tuesday 21 November at 7.00pm. 

For more information, contact Jon O’Brien on 0477 725 528 or at 


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