Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph


Ralph struggles with being a bad guy and at “Bad-anon”, his support group, he is joined by arcade games classic villains as they discuss how it can be hard when you are stereotyped.

This is perhaps the funniest and best developed concept in the film and it appears early on so as not to interrupt the psychedelic visuals of later scenes.

The animated Disney film has the familiar template that has supported many a Disney character. Here Ralph, like Woody before him, is trying to figure out where he fits into the ever-changing world of the video game. With Woody it was feelings of abandonment as Buzz came on the scene with flashing lights and gadgets.

Ralph goes on an epic search through many familiar and created gaming landscapes to discover his true destiny and along the way help to save a game from being wiped off the arcade grid.

A little candy-coated in parts, the film’s simplistic story is augmented with overly designed set pieces to help you forget the pixel-thin storyline. All the better to cheer for Ralph when he finally breaks free of his stereotyping to save the day.

Adrian Drayton


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