With Love to the World gets appy

With Love to the World gets appy

Now in its forty-fifth year, With Love to the World is now also available via an app.

Launching in 1976, the series is a traditionally a collection of devotional material in a printed booklet.

Dr Peter Butler edits With Love to the World. He told Insights that the app was the result of reader requests.

“Over the past few years, we have become increasingly aware that many people overseas (including expat Australians) would benefit from receiving WLW electronically, because the postage system doesn’t always deliver their copy on time,” Dr Butler said.

“We’re also conscious that to be viable, publications need to have an eye to international readerships, as well as to those in Australia.”

“Our writers produce first-rate guides to reading the scriptures, and it is important for us to make these as widely available as possible.”

NSW ACT Moderator Simon Hansford said that the new app, “gives us the opportunity for an even better resource, to be used more widely, and offered to a new generation of disciples of Jesus Christ.”

“Resources like With Love to the World mean we are better able to articulate the story of Jesus Christ in the pulpit and our community,” Rev. Hansford said.

“The wisdom of preachers, ministers, editors, musicians and leaders has been shared across our church, and beyond.”

The With Love to the World app is now available on Google Play. It will be available soon in the App store.

For more information, visit With Love to the World’s official website.


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