Why do we love to hate movie franchises?

Why do we love to hate movie franchises?

Welcome back to The Big Picture, your weekly dose of helpful help that aims to help us all to know what’s worth watching – and what we should run a mile from. On this occasion, The Big Picture blokes Ben and Mark devote most of their latest podcast (click here to listen to the whole show!) to franchises. That recent phenomenon on the big and small screens, where it seems that anything can be turned into a series that, perhaps, will never, ever end.

While many of us complain that there is nothing new being released at the movies, we still go back for more of the same series, whenever a new sequel is released.

What does that tell us about us, and our taste for things that are familiar and comfortable?


Lego: Too much, or not enough?

Speaking of spin-offs, sequels and being able to constantly re-create the same stuff, Mark and Ben drew our attention to The King of Franchises…… Lego. Starting off by looking at the latest Lego mini-empire – the various Lego forms of videogame MineCraft – The Big Picture dares to ask the big question: should we buy everything that Lego is selling? When is enough enough?

What Your Kids are Watching: Lego from The Big Picture on Vimeo.



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