Who is Jesus Christ for us today?

Who is Jesus Christ for us today?

In January, a new four-day intensive will explore will explore Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s question, ‘Who is Jesus Christ for us today?’

United Theological College (UTC) Principal Rev. Dr Peter Walker will deliver the intensive.

“Jesus is the crux of Christian faith and discipleship – the most intriguing and, in some ways, most misunderstood figure,” he said.

 “Messiah? Great Teacher? Saviour? His call appears simple and yet unfolds into a lifetime of questions: ‘Follow me.’”

According to Rev. Dr Walker, the subject draws on the biblical witness, how the early Church arrived at the Nicene Creed, and the perspectives of contemporary theologies of the life and ministry of Jesus.

The intensive is the latest in a series held at Port Macquarie, which Rev. Dr Walker said was intended to be a part of an initiative to bring UTC, “to the people.”

“UTC is the Synod’s college and the faculty are eager to find new ways to offer theological education for Christian discipleship throughout the church,” he said.

“And so we began teaching subjects at Port Macquarie two years ago. There is a wonderful group of people up on the mid-North Coast who have enrolled in our Graduate Diploma of Theology. It is big help that Charles Sturt University has a wonderful campus in Port, and beaches are the bonus after class.”

“UTC specially wants to Synod to know that our classrooms are open both to people enrolled in CSU subjects and anyone who wishes to join us simply for the challenge and joy of learning (what we call Audit Students). And so, people can contact UTC and register to audit a subjects, join the class, and pay only a minimal charge to cover costs of preparing materials. Theological education at UTC is available to the whole church, not just those undertaking degrees or preparing for ordination.”

Jesus the Saviour runs at Port Macquarie from 18 to 22 January 2020. For more information, visit United Theological College’s website here.


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