When Faith Goes to Work

When Faith Goes to Work

United Mission Education will host a half day workshop titled ‘Faith Goes to Work on March 24 at the United Theological College in Parramatta.

The day will consist of a bible study, a panel discussion and an open space time to explore how people faith can effectively and positively explore and share their faith in the workplace.

Panellists include Family Worker, Meryn O’Brien; Executive Director of Uniting Financial Services, Warren Bird; Sydney Alliance lead organiser, David Barrow and Katherine Allen who works for IBM. The panel and workshop will be facilitated by United Theological College lecturer Ian Robinson.

Meryn said that after interviewing several members in her congregation as part of a listening project, she found out how important it was to find ways to live out their faith in the workplace.

“What struck me from their reflections was how thoughtfully and intentionally they sought, in different ways, to live their faith in their work,” said Meryn.

“I realised how many of us do take seriously the commission at the end of the worship to go out and live our faith in the world. The issue is so often we don’t hear about it. I learned there is a lot there if we can find ways to tap into it.”

In the process of helping Christians navigate their faith in the work environment, Ian Robinson said the workshop will challenge people to step out of their comfort zone.

“If we want to help Christians live their life with integrity, you have to give them skills to do that.

“The way the world has been set up by the powers is that Christianity is a private operation and anything you do in public is secular.

“You can’t talk about or introduce values of the Kingdom of God and we have been hoodwinked into believing it,” said Ian.

Ian went on to explain that it’s not just about witnessing to your workmates.

“It’s living the Kingdom and participating in decisions in an open way. Most decisions about justice or work conditions or things that affect workers lives are made in the workplace on the fly and often badly done.

“So Christians who know how to live the Kingdom can actually make an incredibly positive contribution,” said Ian.

The workshop only costs $10. To secure your place and/or find out more about the workshop click here.


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