What you need to know this week

What you need to know this week

Delta’s murder ballad of redemption

Recently released, the new single by Australian singing superstar Delta Goodrem is an uptempo pop song about killing an unfaithful partner. At least, it sounds like that, with lyrics including: “Preacher, take me down; Take me down to the river, river; I couldn’t help myself; When I saw him with her, with her; I took that loaded gun; Forgive what I have done.” Judge on The Voice, popular performer Goodrem described The River as “the song’s theme is one of redemption, about cleansing off volatile relationships and washing off that energy and starting anew.”


Funding for marriage law suits

The Australian Christian Lobby is a national political movement that has been vocal about its opposition to same-sex marriage being legalized. Representing views held by some Christians and other Australians, the ACL has created the “Human Rights Law Alliance” to provide financial support to people charged with objecting to any same-sex marriage laws.


“Act of God” saves Christians from death

A group called Bibles for Mideast has claimed that God whipped up a dust storm, to protect newly baptized Christians in an undisclosed location. According to a report providing few specific details, about 50 Christians somewhere in the Middle East (about half had been recently baptized) were being pursued by Islamist militants. But these Christians claim “Jesus saved us. He Himself  blocked the road of militants in the form of a dust storm.”


Rapper defends Christian mother’s attack on his music

One of the planet’s viral videos this week features an American mother sharing her angry reaction to her daughter listening to rapper Vince Staples’ Norf Norf. The upset mother is a Christian who objected to the song’s content. The video received plenty of criticism, particularly against this mother’s attack upon the social damage caused by rap. But Staples has defended this concerned parent, saying “it’s not right to attack someone over their stance, their opinions, their religion.”






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