What you need to know this week

What you need to know this week

God is the Love Doctor

Do you believe God can find you someone to marry? An American documentary called A Courtship follows one Christian woman’s journey to find the man God wanted her to marry. Incredibly, mainstream media in the US has picked up on this interesting study of godly relationships — and is reporting on it WITHOUT mockery or judgment. Amazing



Cartoonist murdered for insulting Islam

During the past few years, artists and writers have been the targets of religiously motivated violence. In Jordan this week, a writer was murdered on the steps of a courthouse. The Jordanian Christian man was about to be tried for posting a cartoon online that was deemed as mocking Islam.



Trump asks if “Non-Christians” should be booted out

In a standout week in the never-ending American Presidential campaign, Republican candidate Donald Trump made more questionable remarks AFTER his major televised debate with Hillary Clinton. At a rally in Iowa, Trump asked “Christians conservatives” to raise their hands. He then asked if anyone was “not a Christian” – and raised the idea of not letting them stay. Was this a joke, or another example of Trump’s divisive ?



Fighting for the gospel?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a global sport that involves trained fighters clobbering each other in a cage. This week, a female fighter in Brazil made headlines by starting her match with a Christian “worship song”, and kissing a crucifix in front of the crowd. This MMA fighter isn’t the first to publicly declare their belief in Jesus and, like her Christian peers, was questioned about how her faith aligns with her brutal role in the ring.



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