What You Need To Know This Week

What You Need To Know This Week

Every week we find the news we think you may find useful. Here is a the round-up for 12 August.

The Supermodel who met The Designer

Tracy Trinita is Indonesia’s first supermodel. She has modelled for hugely famous designers such as Jean Paul Gautier, Yves Saint Laurent, and Benetton, on the catwalks of New York and Paris — alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell. Trinita will be touring Australia this month, speaking at events in most capital cities which have been organised by City Bible Forum. But despite her success, Trinita felt something was missing in her celebrity life. She found out what that was, when she met The Designer of the Universe — God.



Refugees forced to hide Bibles

According to unnamed “religious groups” referenced by an UK news service, Christian asylum seekers in Germany are hiding their Bibles as death threats and violence plague them in refugee camps. Allegedly, Islamic fundamentalists have harassed Iranian Christians, including physical assault and destroying their Bibles.



Olympians who put God before gold

Most of the entire planet’s eyeballs have been upon the Rio Olympic Games this week. With so much attention placed upon the medal tally or tales of unexpected victory, it can be easy to think that the be all and end all for any athlete is standing on top of that Olympic podium. However, as this Christianity Today report reveals, many Olympic competitors place their Christian faith ahead of their hopes for Games glory.



Christian mother criticised for casual racism

The Washington Post reported upon a major online flare-up caused by one American mother’s confession about her own son-in-law. In a blog post published by a prominent Christian website, this Christian woman admitted she had struggled with accepting her daughter’s husband — because he was African-American. The response to her post was swift and strong; online critics stating she didn’t recognise her own need to address the racist reaction she initially had. The blog post has since been removed, at the author’s request.



New documentary proves God exists?

Prominent American evangelist and filmmaker Ray Comfort’s latest documentary, The Atheist Delusion, claims it can prove God “in a very simple, yet powerful way”. How? By challenging atheists about their evidence for God not existing. Recently released online, The Atheist Delusion pivots on one question that Comfort poses to various scientists and academics who don’t believe in God. Comfort reports that many changed their tune about God’s existence, due to this searing question.



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