What Are You Going to Do with Your Life: Unpublished Writings and Diaries

What Are You Going to Do with Your Life: Unpublished Writings and Diaries

Edwin H Friedman, Seabury Books

Friedman, an ordained rabbi of some note, is famous for his systems analysis work on families. His most famous book is Generation to Generation, published in 1985, and still used in many courses today. I only parted with my copy when I retired last month.

This collection of writings, sermons and reflections, has been put together by members of his family and is the second such collection since his untimely death. The book is shaped by three separate themes: “Starting out” (addressed to youth), “The challenges of maturity” (which contains this brilliant statement: “As with Columbus, it is a choice of living forever in a world that is old or trying to discover one that is new”) and “Accepting mortality” (which contains the very personal, “I shall not go gently into that good night”, reflecting on his feelings and fears after receiving by-pass surgery).

I started with his sermons. They leave for dead many such offerings heard in Uniting Churches around this state. So if you want to read about a life well lived, and reflect further on your own, start with this book.

Rex A. E. Hunt


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