We’ve got Everything in Common

We’ve got Everything in Common

Every year UnitingWorld promotes the Everything in Common ethical gifts catalogue, appealing to their community to buy gifts that represent life-changing projects. These projects help people across the Pacific, Asia and Africa to break the cycle of poverty and step towards a life of dignity. 

According to Nicolas Duran, Donor Relations Manager at UnitingWorld, “every contribution will help us fight poverty and build hope. Our goal this year is to raise $370,000, and we are nearly getting half-way just before Christmas.”

Nicolas told Insights that they currently have 68 congregations supporting their campaign by running a physical stall or by promoting their campaign online.

Paddington Uniting Church has supported UnitingWorld for several years through various initiatives including Everything in Common. Rev. Danielle Hemsworth-Smith is the Minister at Paddington Uniting Church. She told Insights that “Paddington Uniting Church has a proud history of ministry and mission that is inclusive, and encourages justice and creativity. We have been passionately supporting creative and entrepreneurial individuals and groups through our markets for nearly 50 years, and we are proudly known as the birthplace for many of Australia’s leading creatives and designers.”

“Supporting UnitingWorld is a continuation of this desire to assist in small ways that create enormous possibilities to change the lives of individuals and communities. We are particularly drawn to the way that UnitingWorld seeks out and supports marginalised groups, including women, children and ethnic minorities, who are generally not actively included in their broader communities.”

“We are inspired by their support of education that seeks to change the future, by removing the barriers of exclusion and oppression caused by fear of the unknown.”

Danielle personally,  was inspired to support UnitingWorld after hearing David and Tricia Mileham’s stories about their work in Timor assisting with education and microloans, and she has been able to share this inspiration with her congregation.

You can still help

Each card is different, has a different price and a different impact. The more expensive the gift card is, the higher impact your gift will generate towards fighting resilient communities and building hope in the countries where UnitingWorld works.

Every Everything in Common gift is more than a goat or chicken. For example, the goat you give comes wrapped in a project; with training in livestock care, business and financial planning so a family can earn a sustainable income.

UnitingWorld is the international aid agency of the Uniting Church. It aims to drive collaboration with the global church, addressing the causes and consequences of poverty, injustice and violence.

UnitingWorld will be at the Paddington Markets on 19 December with the support of volunteers from Paddington Uniting Church and Ravenswood. You can also find the 2020-2021 catalogue and buy online here.


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