Web series connects faith to life

Web series connects faith to life

Are you a bit tired of viral cat videos, people sharing their photoshopped lives on Instagram and people getting outraged about, well, everything on social media?

Hold That Thought wants you to stop, pause and for about 90 seconds listen to what Jesus has to offer you in your everyday life.

Above all, Hold That Thought seeks to start honest conversations about a range of everyday topics about spirituality without all the baggage.

Season 2 teaser

We’re excited to be back for season 2! Watch out for episode 1 tomorrow night #holdthatau

Posted by Hold That Thought on Monday, March 25, 2019
Season 2 Teaser for Hold That Thought

What began as an idea to do speak into the lives of everyday Australians has now grown into a project with season three on the way in early 2020.

Hold That Thought was devised as a series of 90 second “sermons” from Uniting Church ministers that is designed to tackle some of the bigger topics.

With provocative titles like “The world is your neighbor”, “Only we can change the world”, “How do you know what you want?” and “Who do you reckon God is?”, Hold That Thought is a provocative series across 26 episodes that unpacks the nature of faith for people who might not have been to Church.

To find out more about Hold That Thought you can stream the episodes from on your favourite device from Facebook, IGTV or YouTube by searching @holdthatau.

Become part of the Hold That Thought community by liking the Facebook page and suggesting topics you would like tackled in season three.


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