We Need To Work Together to Save Water This Summer

We Need To Work Together to Save Water This Summer

With drought conditions across the state at the worst we have seen in a long time, it’s important to consider a few easy things we can do every day at home to save water.  As of 10 December, Level 2 water restrictions apply to all residents in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra regions. Please visit the Sydney Water website to learn more about the current requirements. 

We should also reduce our environmental footprint strategically, going into the future. Together – we can make this difficult time easier on our dam levels, by doing the following:

Shorter Showers: It’s a common-sense rule, but aim to shorten your shower time to 5 minutes per visit. If you are taking 10-minute showers each day on average, imagine how much water you can save by doing this. If you need to take a longer shower, only turn on the water when rinsing.

Pool Covers: When you’re not using your pool – consider covering it up to reduce evaporation in the long-summer heat. Remember, for those in the Sydney region, Level 2 water restrictions regulations about filling your pool are strict. A pool cover is a great investment that can save you time, money and resources in the long-term. An added benefit is that they also lower the use of chemicals in the pool, making it a safer swimming environment for kids. An example of where you can buy one is through Sunbather.

Capture Rainwater: If you don’t have a rainwater tank, consider investing in one as you can use this for your gardening by hand, especially during the difficult drought season. Buying a rainwater tank is more inexpensive than you would expect. Bunnings Warehouse offers a 100L Mini Tank for $72AUD. Visit the official website to check it out and for other similar products.

Washing: If you are only washing a few dishes or items of clothing, wash by hand as you go.  Consider filling the sink with water and soap and putting the plugin trick, to re-use the water for each dish or item of clothing, where possible. If you save the dishwater or washing machine for larger loads, this is an easy way to reduce water consumption every day and will save you money as well.

Plants and Gardening: There are a wide variety of plants you can maintain that are beautiful to look at and can survive on smaller amounts of water. Succulents are great indoor plants that only require a few drops of water periodically to sustain themselves. For a wider list of plants that don’t require much water to sustain themselves, click here to read this guide from Good Housekeeping.

For our more avid outdoor gardeners, aim to use a broom or rake to remove excess leaves and waste instead of water to wash this away. Remember, under Level 2 water restrictions you’re not permitted to use a hose in the garden if you require water, use a container, and only before 10 am and after 4 pm. Visit the Sydney Water website to learn more. Another handy tip is to ensure to periodically remove weeds as they suck the water out of plants. If weeds are kept at bay, your plants and garden need less water to survive.

For further handy water-saving tips, check out this great guide from CHOICE Magazine and the Sydney Water at home water-saving guide.

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