Uniting is hitting the streets of Sydney – again!

Uniting is hitting the streets of Sydney – again!

In May this year Uniting launched their first ever brand advertising campaign, to great success. Designed to introduce the new ‘Uniting’ to the state, it showed people who Uniting is and what they stand for. It helped put Uniting on the map.

But their work doesn’t end there. Uniting want to ensure people know what they offer, so that Uniting is front of mind when they are considering any services. Uniting are excited to be launching a follow-up campaign focusing on three of our core services: aged care, early learning and disability services.

This time the campaign focuses on the celebration of individuality through imagination. Uniting do more than simply provide care; they get to know people as individuals and unlock the unexpected, and that’s what makes them stand apart from our competitors.

Countdown to launch

From Monday 24 October, you’ll be able to see Uniting ads at railway stations, bus stops and street placements throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Uniting will also have online advertising across selected websites and social media (displaying only in NSW and the ACT).

As with the first campaign, Uniting are featuring their people in all advertisements. Uniting would like to give a very special thanks to all those who took part. They think you’ll agree they all look fantastic.

Spot the ad!

If you happen to see any of Uniting ads while you’re out and about, be sure to take a picture (only if it’s safe to do so) and send it to brand@uniting.org – they’d love to see their Uniting workmates keeping an eye out! If you would like to find out more about this campaign, please email Uniting at brand@uniting.org


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