Uniting for the better?

Uniting for the better?

My experience of the UCA beginnings was that it was inevitable.

We were holding regular community services in the local hall and as my wife played the piano, we needed to collaborate with the ministers/preacher of whatever denomination.

So when “Union” was declared it was just more of the same under an official banner.

In my youth, the Methodist Church played a big part and young people were in great numbers.

There was OK’s (Order of the Knights), Methodist Girls Comrades and then MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship).

Now when I look back at the aging population in our churches I wonder what happened because most of those older members would have been involved in that youth scene.

I have three sons all confirmed members but practicing in other denominations because there is no youth involvement for their families in the UCA. Was the “Union” to blame for this situation? Or is the hierarchy bush too long in the glory of “Union”?

There were other issues causing concern; some Presbyterians stayed out and then later the homosexual issue caused some angst among members.

So from my original experience of the certainty and now wonder about the sense of “Union” but then I know that general affluence and the ‘Me’ culture is really to blame. I remain committed to the UCA but without my families.


Daryl Lush, Gowrie UCA.


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