Uniting Creative support the most vulnerable

Uniting Creative support the most vulnerable

Uniting Creative’s first song, ‘Heart in Your Hands’ has released on Apple Music, with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

The song, was written and performed during lockdown, with members of Uniting Creative working on it in their respective homes.

Tash Holmes is a Church Engagement Leader for Uniting. She told Insights that Uniting Creative, “wanted to produce a song that would breathe life into our lives and across our churches.”

“This is a joyful, upbeat and stirring song. It is uplifting in a time when we have needed it most and focuses on God’s call back to the deep,” Ms Holmes said.

Uniting Creative met with UnitingWorld earlier in 2020 to consider a project that could harness creativity in a way that could engage and support vulnerable communities.

“We wanted to explore the role of creativity as a means of partnership and to work towards a world free from poverty and injustice,” Ms Holmes said.

“UnitingWorld shared with us that many communities across the Pacific, Asia, and Africa are also using their creative gifts to uplift each other and we are energised by the possibility of future collaboration.”

“We started with a song but our hope is to have an ongoing partnership with UnitingWorld so everything we create is anchored in changing a life”

Rev. Charissa Suli is a National Consultant for the Uniting Church’s National Assembly. She said that the project, “is a great opportunity for the Church to cross fertilise our resources, our gifts and strengths: crossing borders in the way we do ministry together, and like Jesus, serving ‘the other’.”

“I believe this is one way we can serve our communities, moving beyond the Sunday worship space, to lead with those in our churches who have a passion to sing, dance or paint a new song in God’s land,” Rev. Suli said.

Dr Sureka Goringe is the National Director of UnitingWorld. She told Insights that the song was a timely act of worship.

“”Giving strength that we need, breathing life into dry bones.” At a time when we are stretched to our utmost to support our partners as the pandemic risks pushing half a billion people back into extreme poverty, having Tash and her crew stand with us to raise support is to have this lyric come true,” Dr Goringe said.

“When a crisis like this his, the poor are hit hardest.  The song is an act of worship, but the choice these musicians made to stand with those in need, is I think an even greater act of worship.”

To support UnitingCreative, purchase ‘My Heart in Your Hands’ here. All proceeds go directly to UnitingWorld COVID-19 projects.


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