Trivia Pursuit

Trivia Pursuit

Burwood Croydon’s evening congregation are using online trivia to foster community engagement.

Burwood’s Ian Goff told Insights that the closure of pubs during COVID-19 was something that had sparked an idea.

“Burwood Croydon‘s Evening Congregation have been known for their trivia nights over many years as a way to socialise and fundraise for mission activities such as Habitat for Humanity trips,” Mr Goff said.

“By design, those very keen on organising these have never actually been on the same team together so I thought in mid-2019, “how about we try some of the pub trivia within Sydney’s Inner West?” We formed the team ‘Burwood Brainstrust’ and have entered at least 10, winning three which we are very proud of, playing roughly every six to eight weeks.”

“When the venues we were visiting started closing down I thought I could keep up the connection and our minds sharp by running one. I was already familiar with Zoom …so set up my first comp on 24 March,” he said.

The online trivia competition involves Mr Goff scheduling a Zoom meeting commencing at 7:45 pm with the first question asked at 8:05.

“That allows people to settle in and socialise upfront,” he said.

“There are 10 General Trivia Qs and then 10 from a themed topic. I nominate someone to pick the theme and then go searching for next week’s questions with the hope participants will get six points or above.”

“We have had Star Wars, Movie Quotes, Myths, The Human Body and Music as our themed topics. This week History has been nominated. We have a family playing along too so usually two to three questions are designed for with the “young at heart” in mind.”

“Mics are muted during the rounds for participants and I share my screen of two questions at a time, reading them out as well. We have fun discussing the answers I share, also two at a time after all 10 have been asked. Scoring done using the honour system and all participants write down their answers then show the score to the camera.”


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