Top Instagram Tips #ArtofFaith

Top Instagram Tips #ArtofFaith

If you haven’t heard, Insights has launched our Instagram #ArtofFaith series, where we ask you to share original images or videos expressing how art strengthens your faith. This is a chance to be featured on our social media feed and magazine, but most importantly it’s about reconnecting with our faith and sharing that spiritual journey.

If you are an Instagram newbie or just looking to take your posts to the next level we have compiled a list of top tips to help you along the way.


  1. Concept

More often than not, we stumble on great photo opportunities instead of planning and visualizing the snap. So if you don’t have time to compose the scene, don’t worry, you can still make the photo/video interesting. How? Try taking the photo at different angles; go for the close up and then the long range image. You can also try framing. This could be as simple as taking a photo through a doorway, fence or a gap between buildings or trees. By just pausing for a moment, it could inspire a touch of imagination.


2. It’s all about the filter

There is nothing wrong with embracing the #nofilter but using a filter can be fun especially with the right mobile app. Here at Insights we can’t get enough of the Prisma app. This is the type of app that can turn a picture of a fruit bowl into an image Van Gogh would be proud of. Filters can create more contrast in the images lighting and can be a great enhancement to the photo.


3. Meme Me

So you’ve got the winning picture, maybe landscape, a waterfall or sunset and you really want to add a quote or a scripture over the top of it. Have no fear, apps such as Canva and Snappa allows you to do this with ease.  There are a number of templates and fonts to choose from to add that little bit extra to your image.


4. Video

The background noise, the music or the still silence and the 60 seconds of moving scenes, gives you the opportunity to share a unique atmosphere with your Instagram followers. Video gives you the opportunity to be more creative and be able to say more in your post, it’s definitely worth a try.


5. Tell me more

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and yes sometimes it might be overkill to write a paragraph or even a one word caption with your post. But people are curious. They want to know what you were thinking; feeling or doing before or after that photo/video was taken. It’s important to find a balance of how much you need to say and this varies with each post. As long as you’re authentic in what you say, then you are on the right track.


Get snappy and follow our Instagram @insightsmag. Don’t forget to tag us and use the #ArtofFaith.


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