“There’s a richness in what we can learn from each other” 

“There’s a richness in what we can learn from each other” 

Rev. Charissa Suli wants to use her time as Uniting Church President to amplify unheard voices in the church.  

Rev. Charissa Suli will be installed as Uniting Church President at the 17th Assembly opening worship on 11 July. She will be the youngest-ever President, and the first CALD person to take on the role.  

Rev. Suli recently told SBS News that she wants her time as President to amplify voices that often go unheard. 

“The way that Jesus connected to people, he connected to the people on the margins, he connected to the women and the unnamed women,” she said. 
“And so, there’s something there about hearing the voices of those that often don’t get to have the microphone. I believe there’s a richness in what we can learn from each other. And then we discover actually there’s a commonality that we have.”  

In a piece published to the Assembly website, Rev. Suli said the Assembly’s theme Threads of Love: Weaving Christ’s Love Across Cultures and Boundaries was inspired by the rich communal practice in her own Tongan heritage of weaving the fala (mat).  

“As I think about the 17th Assembly theme, I’ve been reflecting on how I got here, and I’ve been grateful for the way that the Uniting Church has seen me and how Jesus has seen me.” 

“This led me to think about how the love of God that is found in Jesus Christ has been a constant thread throughout my ministry.” 

“Christ’s love is the thread that will bind us in moments of difference,” says Charissa. “It will hold us together.” 

“Weaving will also challenge us. We are going to have to face some moments of untangling the threads that no longer serve the church today.” 

The 17th Assembly meeting takes place from 11 to 16 July 2024 at Novotel Paramatta on Burramattagal land. Insights will have full coverage.  


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