There is a way to be one

There is a way to be one

I doubt there is any other ‘religion’ on earth as divided as much as is that of the Christian church! Literally thousands of denominations, fellowships and sects, are spread throughout this world, all claiming allegiance to the one true God, all claiming to have the absolute truth. Yet, so many of them are incapable of — or unwilling to — relate to “other” Christian groups in case they become contaminated!

One would not be overly dogmatic in declaring these “the exclusive clubs!”

In previous years, we have seen some feeble attempts to heal some of the breaches and divisions and seek to bridge some gaps which have developed over long and short periods. Yet the increases of separation still continue! For example, the attempts to bring into being a “Uniting Church” in 1977 by joining the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches — with the aim of embracing other denominations into its fold, at a later date. But it has really only established yet another church!

Another catalyst to increasing denominaionalism is the modifications to Biblical truths and alterations to doctrinal teachings. All of these are designed to suit the modern dramatic changes in secular behavioural patterns.

People, it is imperative — as Biblical Christians — that whilst we might respect one another’s differences and diversities in life generally, when it comes to deciding what church is right for us, we must remain faithful to God and His Word! That Word of Truth must always be our guide and the absolute foundation of our faith.

So, to that end, it is still possible that we become one!

Ronald James, Wagga Wagga


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