The White Album (remix)

The White Album (remix)


Of course we know that the original White Album was released by the greatest Liverpool band ever, The Beatles, and even in the press release the band make reference to this. “…stealing its title as a respectful ode to arguably one of the greatest albums by perhaps the greatest band of all time (and no, we certainly aren’t comparing our little remix project to The Beatles), but we are however inspired by the way they, like many others artists over the years have pioneered the sound of music for generations, defining culture along the way”.

This album is unlike any other Hillsong United album you’ve heard. As you would expect with remixes of any song, they tend to lend towards the atmospheric, dance, electro style of music, and this remix album is no different.

It is an interesting project as it makes you listen to classic Hillsong anthems in a whole new light, even as songs on their own merit. Once you have done that you can really start to enjoy these interesting and intriguing sounds.

This album is for anybody who actually wants to take a look at worship from a totally different angle. Yes God is still the same, but how we express our musical worship can and should always try to be creative. This album does that, it shows us that our God is a creative God, who loves being worshipped in any and every musical style.

Hillsong have put together a great batch of songs in a way you have never heard them before. And that’s the beauty of this album. Listen and be amazed.

Adrian Drayton


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