The Twilight Gospel: The Spiritual Roots of Stephanie Meyer’s Vampire Saga

The Twilight Gospel: The Spiritual Roots of Stephanie Meyer’s Vampire Saga

David Roberts, Monarch Books

If you are looking for a book that condemns the Twilight series, this book is not for you. The Twilight Gospel is a helpful starting point for people who want to form a balanced Christian response to the Twilight books.It is a useful tool to help Twilight readers think critically and a good grounding for parents who want to discuss the series with their children.

It seeks to assist people in looking at the positive and negative aspects of themes and issues raised from a mainstream Christian perspective.

It seeks to honour what is honourable and question what is questionable. One may not agree with all the points made in the book, but the book is well set out and is fairly comprehensive in its approach without getting bogged down in deep theological or doctrinal arguments. It may not have all the answers or deal with all the issues, but it is an excellent beginning for those wishing to examine the saga at a deeper critical level from a spiritual perspective.

Jon Humphries


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