The Songwriter Sessions

The Songwriter Sessions

Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan we meet again. Without being too dramatic, my Sunday school years were scarred with his cheery (and dare I say cheesy) brand of kid’s music that my Year 6 self was way too cool for. But I have matured since then and, so it appears, has Mr Buchanan, in The Songwriter Sessions.

In this entertaining 15-song ride, Colin Buchanan showcases his song-writing talent beyond the scope of “Isaiah 53:6” (baa-baa-doo-baa-baa) and collaborates with a number of illustrious Australian country artists to sing about utes (“She’s My Ute”), love (“Somewhere In My Heart” with Sara Storer), Slim Dusty (“Missin’ Slim” with Lee Kernaghan) and everything in between in country Australia.

Usually I do not have much tolerance for country music (read: I hate it) but these songs are just so fun, so heartfelt, so quintessentially Aussie that, before the third track (“For The Rest of My Life” with Diana Corcoran) had finished playing, I found myself unwittingly smiling and bopping along with the music.

The open and uncomplicated honesty of Buchanan’s song-writing makes all the ins and outs of Aussie life in the country seem as welcome and familiar as your own backyard.

The Songwriter Sessions also reminds us that, under all of that cheesy kid’s music, goodness, Buchanan is an accomplished country guitarist.

Nonetheless, he still brings to this record the same fun, distinctive playing style that manages to be simultaneously artistic and cheesy in a way that only Buchanan knows how (he even manages to work musical rounds into “Farm Cars” with John Williamson).

The inclusion of the artists’ repartee between recording sessions is a delightful and humorous finishing touch.
Colin Buchanan singing country music — I wanted to hate it, I really did. But who am I kidding? I think most would agree with me when

I say that no matter how much you try, you just can’t hate Colin Buchanan. The Songwriter Sessions is ample proof of that.

Amanda Lum


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