The Potential Inside

The Potential Inside

(PG) Heritage HM DVD

Cycling is one of those solitary sports that requires intense training, both mental and physical, to push through. Not being a cyclist, I can imagine the long hours training and the solitary nature of the sport would mean cyclists spend a lot of time inside their own heads, contemplating many things.

In a lot of ways it seems a very spiritual and meditative sport.

The Potential Inside captures this sense of being inside your own head. The film begins to unfold the life of Chris Carmik (Scotty Curlee), a retired veteran cyclist who is wracked with grief in the wake of a tragic car accident.

Chris, in what could be seen as one of many God-led occurrences, is given an opportunity to train another cyclist. Reluctantly he trains the cyclist — Jake — who then becomes a top contender.

But one element is missing, something Chris seems unable to give Jake: the ability to push through to his true potential.

Excellent production values and well-shot mountain bike racing scenes give this film an edge over other faith-based films and the messages about coping with tragedy and pushing through to reach maximum potential make this an excellent resource for church and youth groups.

This is a classic sports film in a lot of ways but the refreshing setting — that of competitive cycling — gives it a fresh take on the genre.

Adrian Drayton


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