The health of the ones we love starts with us

The health of the ones we love starts with us

According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency of the Australian Government, women comprise 47.0% of all employed persons in Australia. Moreover, the Australian Insitute of Health and welfare states that, as at 30 June 2017, there were 12.4 million females living in Australia (50.4% of the total population), which means there were 101.6 females for every 100 males.

For the last seven years, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Organisation is sponsoring the Women’s Health Week during the first week of September. Each day of the week covering one specific issue, including reproductive health and feminine organs, and body parts. This Friday, September 6, “Mastering your mind” will be the topic, asking women to “Take a moment for mental health. Become the master of your own mind, press pause on the busy button and learn how to tackle issues such as worry, anxiety, exhaustion and loneliness head-on.”

But why it’s so important to take care of women’s mental health?  In the past, the majority of mental health research focused on men, with the findings applied to women, creating programs and prevention strategies that didn’t fully assist the mental health needs of the female population, as we have different needs, responsibilities and approach to life. Nowadays, there are hundreds of initiatives, organisations, support groups and policies that focus on women’s behaviours, needs, and their role in society and their families. We just need to encourage or be encouraged to look after ourselves, because the health of the ones we love starts with us.

The World Health Organisation and the UN Charter for Human Rights, state that spirituality must be considered a factor of health and well-being. Having a spiritual connection to God and investing time on your relationship with Him, will certainly give hope and peace of mind when facing day-to-day challenges. Feel free to believe, to find support on Him, to embrace a path of spiritual fulfillment, to ask for help, support or guidance when needed. Your spiritual strength will allow you to shine, will help you to help those who need you the most.

You can also encourage women you know or care about to take care of themselves, to look after their mental health and their spirituality. There are many organisations out there willing to support women in their day to day. Join any of the Women’s Health Week events or the Liptember campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health.

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Angela Cadena


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