The Grace Card

The Grace Card

(M) Sony DVD

Mac McDonald (Michael Joiner) is a police officer who is left angry with God and the world following the tragic loss of his son years ago.

Now, unrest and turmoil fill his home.

Sergeant Sam Wright (Michael Higgenbottom) then enters the picture as his temporary patrol partner. The two must fight their own inner struggles and also try to look past their own differences — especially those that are skin-deep.

The movie provides a tough, yet convincing and important look at racism and crumbling family life; tough things for the faith-based film to tackle but which first time director David Evans does with aplomb.

Following a sermon that does not sit well with his congregation, Sam’s grandfather (Louis Gossett Jr) gives him “the grace card”.

The grace card, the crux of the film, is a letter written by Sam’s then eight-year-old great-great grandfather.

It was a promise from him to his former slave owner stating he would “pray for you every day, ask your forgiveness, grant you the same, and be your friend always”. It becomes a major focal point in a movie about unconditional forgiveness.

With an unexpectedly emotional ending, this faith-based film is a modern-day parable about healing broken relationships, partners, husbands and wives, fathers and sons. It is a redemptive story full of grace.

Adrian Drayton


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