The feel-good hit of 2016 is…

The feel-good hit of 2016 is…

Eddie The Eagle. At cinemas now, this endearing and hopeful movie is a loose telling of how one of the most famous underdogs ever came to fame.

Michael “Eddie” Edwards was a British ski jumper in the 1988 Winter Olympics who came last but won big with sport fans everywhere.

Check out the video below for what The Big Picture reviewer Ben made of Eddie the Eagle, starring Hugh Jackman as the coach of unstoppable Edwards (played lovingly by Taron Egerton). With so much focus being placed upon following your dreams at all cost in Eddie the Eagle, Ben wonders what would have happened if Edwards had set his sights even higher than Olympic gold.

Also covered this week by The Big Picture team is Midnight Special, a road-movie pursuit about fear of supernatural power. But what exactly is it saying about Christian belief and religious zeal? Watch the video review below. New TV series You’re Back in the Room is explored as well, with Mark trying to work out whether hypnosis and game shows are a good blend for family viewing.

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