The Essential Commandment

The Essential Commandment

Greg Ogden, IVP

This is an in-depth Bible study for the earnest student. Greg Ogden suggests a format of:

  • Core truth — the focus of each study;
  • Memory verse — committing a verse to memory, which helps to make the scriptures our own;
  • Inductive Bible study — discovering the perspective the bible is giving to each of the studies that are done; and
  • Reading — on one aspect of the great commandment; this is the “homework” for the next lesson, to prepare for a discussion.

Finally, it is all brought to prayer, woven through the studies to help with understanding and to uplift the reader to strive for the goal of perfect love.

The author recommends a group who will develop a personal relationship with one another, being prepared to listen to each other and to share information of self to each other.

This then demands a high standard of confidentiality and trust, whether the group is two or three gathered together or a corporate church group.

The focus of the studies as a whole is being a disciple; loving God completely and loving others.

It gives practical help for living the essential commandment; bringing it from the mouth of Jesus to the present day. The format facilitates growth and transformation in the people undertaking the studies.

The Essential Commandment could be a great resource for the development of a church mission. I foresee immense usefulness in the encouragement of outreach to communities with which all churches are surrounded.

This whole book requires intense reading but is written so well that it is not a hard task.

Very rewarding reading!

Lyn Housen


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