The Cross frees and frees so totally

The Cross frees and frees so totally

How many of us are hemmed in by fences of our own making? You know the type of self-created barrier that says, there’s nothing over the other side that you will need or anything that will do you any good. So you stay within the confines of your perceived comfort and self-sufficiency. So it is with people who are happy with Jesus the good example and feel that should be the limit. Anything beyond the fence is abhorrent or as necessary as a third spare tyre. Jesus, the God, is on the other side.

Both confronting and logic-defying is the message that he loved you so very much that he allowed himself to be literally ripped to pieces and crucified unto death so you can find your way home. Here’s where people would put on gloves, pick up the message with a pair of tweezers and put it under the microscope. Here’s where the fences get pushed higher by hubris (who needs this redemption thing anyway?). Easter is an uncomfortable reminder the God Incarnate went through the savagery of his sentence and death even though he knew rejection and unbelief awaits. That is the Truth and Grace in action.

Some quarters, perhaps, desperate to be seen to be championing ‘politically correct’ agendas promulgate the suggestion that the message of the Cross offends; it makes people feel unnecessarily ‘indebted’. But everyone knows you can accept it or walk away. It’s our choice. That’s how much He loves us.

The Cross never shackles or condemns. The Cross frees and frees so totally – if you’ll only let it.  It tells you: You can rest. Your battle is over. Jesus has won it for you at Calvary. The Cross is a living message of unparalleled love and resurrection power – if you’ll only let it.  Place your faith on it and it becomes your ark when you don’t know how to swim, your fortress when you need unassailable ground. This Easter, why not take a chance and cross that fence. Warning:  If you do, you might just end up changing your mind about many things the world has taught you.

Kimmy Fam is member of the Skipton St Uniting Church, VIC.


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