Telling reformers’ stories

Telling reformers’ stories

In 2023, Plough Publishing House will present By Water: The Felix Manz Story, the first of a three-volume graphic novel series that evokes a little-known chapter in the history of Europe’s Reformation.

Written by Jason Landsel and featuring art by Sankha Banerjee, By Water tells the story of a small group of people standing against the political and religious leaders of their day.

“Felix Manz was the son of a Catholic priest who became an unlikely leader and ultimately the very first martyr of the Radical Reformation,” Mr Landsel said.

By Water chronicles the real life conflict between Manz and his mentor, the establishment reformer Ulrich Zwingli. Manz revered Zwingli as a father figure, but ended up being drowned on Zwingli’s orders for insisting that only believers should be baptised.”

Sam Hine is Plough Publishing House Editor.

“This trilogy tells the story of the radicals from the Reformation period who tried to build an alternative society inspired by Gutenberg’s Bible and Thomas More’s Utopia,” he said.

“These graphic novels skillfully combine historical figures and events with imagined scenes and encounters to create an ambitious, action-packed and historically accurate account of young people standing up for their convictions.”

By Water: The Felix Manz Story will be published by Plough Publishing House on 22 March, 2023. The graphic novel will be followed by subsequent volumes, By Fire and By Sword.


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