Talking Smack

Talking Smack

Glenn Williams, Authentic Media

Glenn Williams from the organisation Focus on the Family raises matters that are crucial these days to every parent and family.

With the prevalence of drugs in the growing up years of modern children, he stresses the importance of establishing the right relationship with children to allow them to make appropriate decisions and avoid the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse.

One comment in the foreword says it all: “If you’re a parent you need to read this book. Drug and alcohol abuse do not discriminate. They impact children in every nation and every environment and every walk of life.

“No matter how compliant and well behaved your children are, please don’t put your head in the sand and think you won’t have to confront this issue with them at some point”.

He suggests approaches that have been proven, starting from children of pre-school age, and recommends ways of raising these issues.

While some of the scenarios may seem a bit strained, they contain useful insights. I liked the hint to parents: “Affirm in public: rebuke in private”.

John Atkinson


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