Synod 2011 theme songs support Uniting World

Synod 2011 theme songs support Uniting World

Two songs have been composed for the meeting of the Uniting Church’s Synod of New South Wales and the ACT 2011 meeting.

Both songs are on the Synod theme “On New and Risky Paths”: one by Mr Ben Cross and Ms Rads Sukumar (both of the Burwood Uniting Church Evening Congregation) and one by the Rev. Phil Newton (tertiary chaplain at University of Wollongong) and the Rev. Michael Earl (minister at Wesley Mission).

People are welcome to download the sheet music and recordings from the Synod website.

The composers ask that, in lieu of payment,  donations be made to UnitingWorld’s Hunger, Health and Hope project in North Korea.

“Twenty-three million people in North Korea are facing a hidden humanitarian crisis. Many children have lost their loved ones and live a life of severe poverty, with the UN estimating that one third of all children are chronically malnourished.  Well-funded medical facilities are hard to access, and avenues to assist are tightly controlled.  Long term, educational and vocational opportunities are limited.

“In one of the most vulnerable areas of the North, through UnitingWorld the Uniting Church in Australia runs a hostel for orphaned children, a TB clinic and a nursing school.  It does so with the full support of the North Korean authorities and in partnership with the local people.  This is a rare opportunity for you to go behind the scenes and lend a hand.”

The sheet music available contains the melody line, lyrics and chords for both songs. For the full piano arrangement of either or both songs, please contact Rads Sukumar.


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