Surfing together on the South Coast

Surfing together on the South Coast

It really was a case of one ‘body, many parts’.

Surf Together 2018, held at Gerroa on the NSW South Coast in February was a ministry where anyone could contribute. Sure, the ‘heros’ were the surf instructors helping newly arrived refugees get up on a surfboard for the first time, but there were plenty of other ways in which to serve. If you could sizzle a sausage, load a ute, toss a salad, or even fly a drone, you had a part to play.

Formerly Surfers for Refugees, the event sees members of Gerringong Uniting Church teaming up with Christian Surfers and refugee advocacy group, SCARF, to host a ministry aimed simply at offering hospitality to newcomers to our shores and building relationships.

Minster of Gerringong Uniting Church, Rev Peter Chapman, was blown away by the way in which such a diverse mob of people from varying cultures and faiths came together to enjoy each other’s company in that most iconic of Australian venues – the beach.

Rev Chapman told Insights, “Apart from the obvious excitement of seeing people surf for the first time, we were also treated to some yummy middle-eastern cuisine, and were deeply honoured to hear the stories of our new friends who had fled persecution and war – it really puts our first-world problems in perspective.”

To find out more about this exciting ministry or to explore how you might try something similar with the body of Christ in your neighbourhood, visit the website and get in touch with Rev. Peter Chapman.


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