Don’t stress, get appy

Don’t stress, get appy

Whether it’s anxiety, school, or family stuff, everyone gets stressed and sometimes it can be really difficult to know what to do when stress takes control of your mind. Here are some technological solutions: websites and apps. There are hundreds of stress relief websites and apps out there but here are just a few to help you through your stressful moments.

  1. Do nothing for 2 minutes 
    This website is perfect for when it all gets a little too much. Although you may say to yourself you have no time, trust me you always have two minutes. Let yourself relax to the gentle noises and get your concentration back.
  2. Pray as you go
    This website has prayers for everyday which you can listen to. There is an app and a website so it is easy to access for everyone. If your way of getting back to earth is prayer this will be great for you.
  3. Silk 
    For those people who love art but can’t do art. This soothing website helps you relax while getting your creative juices flowing. The soft colours and smooth patterns will take your mind off the thousands of things that you have to do.
  4. Abide 
    Abide is an app of guided Christian meditation. A combination of regular meditation and helpful bible verses is perfect for Christians out there who need a few minutes of calm in their day of chaos.
  5. Soundrown 
    This website lets you create the perfect soundscape for you. For studying, meditation, or reading, this website is perfect to relax your body and your mind. The combinations of rain, coffee shop, and so much more could be the one thing that can take the crazy stress weight off of your shoulders.
  6. Spotify
    Although this app is obviously about listening to our favourite bops, there are many calm playlists to be found as well. You can look up calm Christian music or just calm music. Spotify is perfect because it has a wide range of already made playlists ready at the tap of a button.
  7. Calm
    Mindfulness may seem like some crazy hippie voodoo but it can be incredibly helpful. This website has different multiple day courses that take you away for around 15 minutes each day. They are great to get you to reconnect with your body and your mind. Also, you can have a little half sleep while listening to the relaxing music.
  8. YouVersion
    At first glance this app is just another bible app. But there is an amazingly wide range of other features to help you through a stressful day, week, month, or even year. Bible plans are groups of daily devotionals and prayers which you can undergo directed at exactly what you need. There are plans for anxiety, stress, and many other issues. You can also make notes and highlights of your favourite verses so that they are ready for you when you need a little bit of inspiration.
  9. Stress Analyst
    This is really good for you after you have gone through a specific stressful event. Instead of driving all the way to a doctor you can do this test that will give you options on what to do and why you are feeling the way that you are feeling.
  10. Cookie Clicker
    Do you want to fidget all the time? Don’t bite your finger nails, make some cookies. This website literally has you just clicking on the mouse for however long you want. This may seem a little odd but it releases energy and when you get past levels you get a feeling of accomplishment which you won’t get from stressing

Remember to know when what you are feeling is not just stress, it never hurts to see your GP and check out whether anything is happening. Finding a routine and knowing what helps you to feel better is very helpful. Also remember that everyone feels stress, it’s completely normal, it’s just you being human and it definitely is not something you should feel guilty or stupid about.

Isaiah 41:10 –“Do not fear: I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”


Susannah Cornford


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