Solar panel Information night a fitting entrée for Synod Climate Strategy Planning Conference

Solar panel Information night a fitting entrée for Synod Climate Strategy Planning Conference

On Tuesday 18 February, about 70 Uniting Church members from across the Synod joined an on-line information forum on solar panels, presented by the Clean Energy Council (the peak body for the renewable energy industry in Australia).

The Moderator, Rev Simon Hansford introduced the evening affirming that, “My faith tells me to be a good steward of creation and to care for all that God has made”. He encouraged individual church members and congregations in their interest in solar panels and renewable energy before handing over to Elliot Rosen of the Clean Energy Council, the main presenter for the evening. Elliot gave a clear and systematic presentation covering all aspects of solar panels, from understanding how they work, choosing a solar retailer, what to look for in quotes and contracts, how rebates work and the installation process.  Participants were then able to ask follow up questions via chat, a steady stream of which took up the remaining 20 minutes.

You can find out more by consulting the Clean Energy Council Consumer Guide to Buying Solar, available from their website.

How is this an entrée to the Synod Climate Strategy planning conference on Saturday 20 March?

The 2019 Synod meeting which initiated the strategy committed our church to reduce greenhouse gas pollution across all parts of the church, from boards, to agencies and schools as well as congregations and individual members. This ‘walking the walk’ in our own lives is an important aspect of our commitment to care for creation. The bulk of emissions that are contributing to global warming, however, are the result of policies and practices within government and big industry. That is where our commitment to advocacy as a critical part of the Synod Climate resolution comes in.

The Synod Climate Strategy planning conference will focus on how we can speak and act for the policies and practices needed to meet the significant challenges posed by global warming. What should be our priorities be? Which actions will be most effective? What is it that we as a church can contribute to a safer climate and a world where we, future generations and all creation, can flourish?

If these questions stir your interest and imagination then we need you, your energy and ideas to be part of the group that will come together on 20 March.

The conference is a hybrid event with some people coming in person and others joining by Zoom. Either way, please register by going to the Eventbrite page.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Jon O’Brien on 9407 3225 or

Jon O’Brien


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