Sathi Clarke inducted at UTC

Sathi Clarke inducted at UTC

Prof. Sathi Clarke was inducted at United Theological College in a service on 19 July.

Prof. Clarke has over 30 years of ministry experience. He is the Bishop Sundo Kim Chair of World Christianity and Professor of Theology, Culture & Mission at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington DC), a role he is continuing alongside his UTC role.

Rev. Radhika Sukumar-White preached at the service.

“It was an honour to have been asked by Sathi to preach at the service,” Rev. Sukumar-White said.

“I’m really excited by Sathi’s appointment. He brings an extraordinarily diverse experiences, as a teacher, mentor, theologian, Presbyter, and worker with the Indian Dalit community.”

“I think he will be both a pastor and a prophet among us, and will particularly energise and inspire candidates for ministry. His keynotes at the recent School of Discipleship conference were fantastic and memorable.”

Prof. Clarke said the sermon had called for him to “repent of tinkering with ideas for the sake of being insightful or interesting, but to keep my eye on the flourishing of the wheat.”

He said he enjoyed receiving, “The encouragement of the next generation.”

“That was deeply moving to me.”

Prof. Clarke is an ordained minister of the Church of South India. He has held ministry appointments in congregations in India and the United States, and taught at United Theological College (Bangalore) and Harvard Divinity School. Prof. Clarke delivered the 2017 May Macleod lecture.


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