Roundup: Wesley Mission, same-sex unions, lists, history, Dutney

Roundup: Wesley Mission, same-sex unions, lists, history, Dutney

Top 10 reasons why Christians like top 10 lists about Christians

Are Christians obsessed with lists? What’s the deal?

What do historians think of the gospels?

Not only do classical historians as well as “biblical historians” rely on the Gospels and Acts as sources of historical data, they rely on other ancient documents of disputed provenance.

Andrew Dutney on the Religion and Ethics Report

I think the biggest challenge is our biggest opportunity and that is how we can grow together as an extremely diverse church with people of many languages and cultures and religious backgrounds in one community. It’s a great challenge but what an opportunity.

200 Years of the Wesley Mission

In 1812, a school teacher, a farmer and a convict gathered in colonial Sydney to worship in the tradition of John Wesley, who had founded the society called Methodists almost a century earlier.

‘One in spirit’

Same-sex unions in the Bible


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