Roundup: Tuvalu, mental health, labyrinths, the occupy movement, marriage, Christos Tsiolkas, Murray-Darling Basin

Roundup: Tuvalu, mental health, labyrinths, the occupy movement, marriage, Christos Tsiolkas, Murray-Darling Basin

Tuvalu in a fight for its life

Tuvalu faces an immediate crisis in the form of a severe and protracted drought.

Global churches mark World Mental Health Day

Mental health problems “affect people of all ages, in all societies, from the boy soldier in Sierra Leone traumatised by years of bloody civil war, to the mother affected by HIV/AIDS. Therefore it is crucial for the churches to challenge the stigma attached to mental illness,” the Rev. Kjell Magne Bondevik has reminded churches and civic organisations across the world.

How walking the labyrinth changed my life

When I tell people I have a labyrinth and that I walk it regularly, most have no idea what I’m talking about.

Spirituality and the Occupy Wall Street movement

Sussing out religion in Occupy Wall Street might be  easier through attention to the origins and effects of the impulses playing out in groups that identify with the phenomenon. To the ways that they draw upon or resonate with atmospheric connections among religion, capitalism and American identity.

Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me

For Christians, the Occupy movement amounts to an invitation from people outside of the church to join them in prophetic witness to the failure of a hyperindividualistic consumerist society.

A modest proposal

What is a Christian theology of marriage, is it really so exclusive, and are the concerns of those opposed to marriage equality justified by the evidence?

The man behind The Slap

Geraldine Doogue talks life, love and religion with Christos Tsiolkas, author of the best-selling novel The Slap, now a new ABC1 television drama.

Update of Murray-Darling Basin Plan development

MDBA Chair Craig Knowles explains the latest thinking on the development of the draft Basin Plan: how it’s about more than just a volume of water and what localism and adaptive management mean.


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