Roundup: Meaningful connection, church vitality, assistance strategy

Roundup: Meaningful connection, church vitality, assistance strategy

When religion and spirituality collide

The Anglican crisis is not about Rowan Williams or even religion. It is about the drive for meaningful connection and community and a better, more just and more peaceful world as institutions of church, state and economy seem increasingly unresponsive to these desires.

Cultural change seen as key to vital churches

Sometimes churches get stuck thinking “ain’t it awful” and focus only on what they think is holding the denomination back. “We need to shift that conversation to, ‘Hey, we can master the work we’re about.’ We have the positive image in the community. We can be the people we’re dreaming of.”

ACT Chief Minister welcomes new ideas for Canberrans experiencing financial stress

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has welcomed a report that recommends ways to better support Canberrans experiencing financial hardship, particularly those who do not normally access some form of government help. Read here about the assistance strategy to help working poor.


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