Roundup: Happiness, Brubeck, baby God, good churches

Roundup: Happiness, Brubeck, baby God, good churches

Religious groups still lead the way on public good

Churches and faith communities are still the strongest centres of public good in modern society.

God occupies a baby crib

It is a mistake to ignore or pass over Jesus’ infancy because his infancy is essential to a full understanding of the radical potential of Christian theology.

The sacred ran through jazz legend’s music.

Ultimately, for Brubeck, the heart of his sacred music is the profound biblical message to love your enemies.

How the Lord’s Prayer brought Dave Brubeck to the church

Known for his ability to make magic happen with unconventional meters, Brubeck leaves behind a hefty catalogue of amazing jazz. What some may not know is that Brubeck also leaves behind several wonderful sacred compositions.

Is God happy?

Even if we are not suffering at a given moment, even if we are able to experience physical and spiritual pleasure and moments beyond time, in the “eternal present” of love, we can never forget the existence of evil and the misery of the human condition.


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