Roundup: God, asylum seekers, season of creation, stories of mission

Roundup: God, asylum seekers, season of creation, stories of mission

Season of Creation resources

The Season of Creation is fast approaching, at least in terms of worship planning. Join churches around the world in exploring worship through the themes of earth, humanity, mountains, sky, and animals (with Francis of Assisi).

Our stories our mission

It is the most natural thing to find Uniting Church congregations and UnitingCare services working together, guided by the principles of justice and compassion to enable the vulnerable and disadvantaged, to give expression to their best voice and supporting them to do that, while also working with other partners with similar values and goodwill.

The Houston report on asylum seekers

The Uniting Church in Australia is deeply disappointed at the recommendations of the Houston Panel on Asylum Seekers. And we are dismayed by the enthusiasm with which the Parliament has passed legislation which will see Australia close its doors to asylum seekers arriving by boat.

Dusting off God

A new science of religion says God has gotten a bad rap.


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