Roundup: Ecumenism, urbanism, reconciliation, architecture, tolerance

Roundup: Ecumenism, urbanism, reconciliation, architecture, tolerance

Ecumenical Protestants

It might be hyperbolic to say that ecumenists experienced a cultural victory and an organisational defeat, but there is something to that view. Ecumenists yielded much of the symbolic capital of Christianity to evangelicals, which is a significant loss. But ecumenists won much of the US. There are trade-offs.

Religion and the city

Urbanists should take religion much more seriously than they often do.

Reconciliation: Messages from the elders

Indigenous elders from different corners of Australia answer the question: How do we start building bridges of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people? And they all agree on one thing: reconciliation starts in your own backyard.

Winning school library doesn’t do it by the book

Ravenswood school library, where the walls double as whiteboards and the stairwell as a lecture space, has won the celebrated Sir John Sulman Medal for public architecture.

Gungahlin plan welcomed

Gungahlin Uniting Church minister Mark Faulkner has slammed objections to a mosque in the suburb, dubbing them yesterday as intolerant.


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